Xiaobin Su

Bachelor of Applied Arts

I am passionate about working in digital photography and lighting studio. Studying the use of light and space allows me to combine my imagination into accessible materials in life to style my models and scenes. Regarding pursuing art, I like to manipulate lighting equipment to achieve presenting re-create identity, gender, and imaginary concepts.

Subjects of the imagery are dramatically posed and interacting with objects. Everyone sees things differently that I tend to express my subjective of the world by creating hyperbole vision.

COVID - 19



This is a book project of portraits and still life photos linking futuristic and natural fantasy illustrations.

The outbreak of coronavirus influenced all over the world and it's threatening people's life.

I truly hope viewers could understand the serious situation now and I am trying to bring a cautiousness through the visual power of these images.

Independent Study -

Lighting Studio Photography


digital photography


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