Jamie Harrison

Bachelor of Applied Arts

Through the comparison of an economically secure upbringing to being thrusted into normalcy and economic hardship, I became intensely aware of how consumption can be a virtue, but also a curse. Without having considerable capital or resources as a student, I realized the flaws of our society that are set into motion through a disconnected system.


My first significant exposure to art was growing up in the hardcore punk community. Sifting through my older brother’s vinyl collection and an array of vintage band tees exposed me to an alternative way of viewing the “status quo” through a subversive .


Through print, I seek to highlight the contradictions of consumption and greed with an emphasis on uneasiness and proactive imagery. Our current system allows for immoral depletion of conscious beings, such as humans or animals, to be viewed merely as currency in the eyes of corporations. The use of abjection in my work highlights the flaws this broken structure taught me at a young age: to become aware of the consumption around us and the fetishization of commodities and financial gain, rather than real human connection.


Fuck What Fireworks Stand For.


photo collage


Lights on Paper

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